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Yahoo Radar: A Travel Guide App With Chat-Bot Like Assistant

Yahoo’s assistant will help you out planning for your next trip.


Yahoo's latest mobile app aims at helping you browse more than just the Internet environment. Radar, which has been launched recently for iOS, acts as your "virtual travel guide" by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer additional recommendations, reviews for your next destination.

The interesting thing about Radar is that it taps into your email inbox to surface your previous trip information including flight, hotel and rental car reservations and then organizes this in the app on your behalf. With this data on hand, the app is at par with other travel utilities as well as some big shots like Google Now, as it can send you notifications about flight delays, cancellations directly.

One thing is that you don’t even need to have a Yahoo email address to use Yahoo radar.

Yahoo explained that some prioritization takes place to ensure that higher quality sources are surfaced. The recommendations are derived from the company’s machine learning and A.I. and will eventually adapt to learn your preferences. Radar is still in its infancy and with these techniques it will soon become better.

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