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Vision 2036: Avatar Dating And Delivery Drones

More technology than humanity in the year 2036


In 20 years from now, the year 2036 just might witness more machines than humans, and information technology taking over our lives. As per a study at the Imperial College of London, that is what the vision of more than 2000 Americans is, when it comes to how technology is viewed as transforming the lives of people. Interesting bits also came to light; pizza and home delivery taking place via drones, and most of the dating taking place through virtual avatars!

This study was unveiled to mark the beginning the Technology Week in London, and it brings to light several interesting technological predictions by Americans for the year 2036:
- 35 per cent predicted that dating will take place via virtual avatars.
- A 69 per cent said that paper and coin money will virtually cease to exist as cashless transactions will take over.

However, as interesting those research findings may be, there are some who have valid reservations against those predictions for 2036. Technology Business Research analyst Ezra Gottheil said, “Well, I'd have problems with both those specific predictions," he told Computerworld. "Drones are going to be subject to flight restrictions because of the density of traffic, but there will be a lot of robots doing things people do now. I have little doubt that pizzas will be delivered and probably made by unmanned vehicles.” Gotheil also wasn't buying the whole 'avatar dating' scene either!

One of the main areas of growth and development in recent times, has been the advent of 3D-Printing technology. Americans also predicted, that such technology might even change the way healthcare services are meted today. For eg: instead of waiting for crucial organ donations, they could be printed with specialist 3-D printers and used instead. Even for consultations, patients may be able to use virtual reality to consult their doctors using the method instead of having to attend physically.

If there are slightly more interesting bits one is looking for, a shade below 50 per cent of those interviewed for the study say that by 2036, we would have the first cloned human being. Gottheil though more in agreement with that prediction, also had a humorous take on it. “I think we're close to being able to clone people," he mentioned. "Well, maybe able, but ethics prevent us from doing so. Well, either ethics or crowds with pitchforks."

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