PlayStation Emulator Ported To BlackBerry Playbook

Lets you enjoy good old PSone titles on RIM's tablet for free.


Things are getting better for RIM's tablet with each passing day. A few days ago, Rovio released its Angry Birds Space game for the platform, and now it has received a PlayStation emulator called the PCSX-ReARMed-P.

The Playbook didn't receive much love from consumers, and a limited number of apps was one of the many things that worked against it. However, after a recent price cut it did manage to garner eyeballs in India. For these users, this emulators is definitely going to be a treat. Who knew that one day you could play Ridge Racer on a Playbook? Although it's true that the graphics of these old games don't stand a chance against today's mobile games, but I think they still excel in the gameplay department.

For the download link and installation instructions, head over to the CrackBerry forums. Keep in mind that, you'll first need to create image files (ISOs) of your favourite PlayStation games. If you find the emulator useful, and want to appreciate the efforts of the coder, feel free to make a donation.


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