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Rahul Sharma Burns Wallets; Says Goodbye To Them

The upcoming smartphone Yunicorn is expected to come with Yu Pay type of innovative feature! Fingers-Crossed!


Rahul Sharma, the Founder of Micromax subsidiary YU is known for his unique way of promoting the company's upcoming smartphones.

In the name of promotion, he has gone all the way to mixers and grinders, and even the rooftop of YU headquarters, if you can remember! And now, Rahul Sharma has something else once again.

The members of YU Forum recently witnessed a post with a video showing Rahul Sharma burning a heap of wallets with a tag line saying, "You don't need your wallet anymore." With this video going viral, members of the forum are expecting the company's upcoming flagship smartphone Yunicorn to feature NFC, e-Wallet, or something like YU Pay.

However, no such official announcement has been made by the company yet, and we will have to wait until May 31 to actually know why Rahul Sharma burnt all those wallets in the video!You can watch the video below!

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