Nokia All Set To Say Hello Once Again |

Nokia All Set To Say Hello Once Again

The market today is entirely different than what it was back then! Will the grand-daddy of our smartphones make it up to the current generation?


Almost all of us have used Nokia during the early 2000s; especially, phones like Nokia 1100 were our favorites. But, with the advent of Android smartphones into the market, the fate of Nokia devices changed. Nokia partnered with Microsoft to use Windows Mobile as its operating system, which again let to its downfall as most of the prospective buyers refused to buy a Symbian device as the company's concentration was elsewhere.

However, even after the Lumia range of smartphones were launched during 2011-12, the company couldn't come out of huge losses. But now, after a long and tedious journey of ups and downs, the big daddy of mobile phones has announced its re-entry into the scenario, in the form of Android smartphones and tablets!

A recent report published by GSMArena states that the move will be through the formation of a new company by name HMD Global, based in Finland with Arto Nummela as its CEO, who in the past, had served as a senior Nokia executive. Basically, the come-back of Nokia branded smartphones will be through a couple of agreements with companies like Microsoft, Foxconn, and HMD Global.

So, what does this actually mean? Well, the Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets will be heading towards the competitive market after being developed by HMD Global using inputs given by Nokia Technologies, and manufactured by Foxconn. Sounds exciting!

However, will these newly launched Nokia smartphones and tablets be able to make their mark in this competitive market being dominated by companies like Samsung and Apple, and startups like Xiaomi, Huawei Honor, and OnePlus? What so ever the answer may be, they will definitely bring a nostalgic feel to most of us!

So, it finally looks like the legend is all set to live again! Fingers-crossed!

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