Move Over Samsung, Oculus Rift is Here |

Move Over Samsung, Oculus Rift is Here

The Facebook-owned company is set to push the frontiers of mobile VR.


When we talk virtual reality (VR), we immediately think of witnessing something that is not there. In other words, fooling our senses into believing something that is unreal.

This technology has been in vogue for close to two decades now though progress has been in sporadic spurts. However, with big technology giants, ranging from Microsoft to Google and Facebook, swearing by VR, it looks like reality is all set to undergo an unreal change for the better.

What began with Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard that aligned with smartphones, tablets and computer monitors, appears set to scale greater heights with the likes of HTC Vive and the much-touted PlayStation VR that is scheduled to arrive in October.

The question is why wait for a later date? Oculus Rift plans to build on the numbers already stacked up by Gear VR, which reportedly generated over a million users within a month. This Facebook-owned entity is now looking to introduce a series of new video content besides also upgrading VR to the next level on the smartphones.

Max Cohen, the head of mobile at Oculus told the media earlier this week that the company was looking to help people experience anything, anywhere. He said the increasing user base also meant that developers would be pushed to create even more content.

Another area that Oculus is working around is increasing the discovery of the apps, of which there are 250 or more in play. Since finding content still remains a challenge, Oculus come out with a new design for their website that will make it easier for users to download VR content. In addition, there would also be an effort to socialize such content so that people watch and share.

By the look of things, it appears certain that VR could be the next big thing to happen in the world of content consumption across screen sizes. Check out this review of the Oculus Rift that was published recently on the CNET website… (Oculus Review) to see what virtual reality really looks like.

Barring the Samsung VR, most of the other VR products are yet to launch in India. However, the HTC Vive turned heads when they announced the launch price of USD 799 for this piece of equipment – several times costlier than the Samung device and about USD 200 more expensive than the Oculus.

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