Paperlit Live to Boost Newsstand App Engagement

New feature enables publishers to include exclusive, live content alongside their digital edition kiosk app.


Paperlit, the digital publishing solution for magazine publishers and brands, has announced that "Paperlit Live", a new feature enabling publishers to add exclusive content to their branded newsstand app, is slated to launched at the upcoming FIPP London, on the 10th of this month.

Companies using Paperlit to create branded newsstand apps to distribute publications,like magazines, catalogues, sales collateral or marketing guides, can now add live feeds to share content from their website or blog, or exclusive content for app users only.

"In addition to selling digital editions, publishers want to connect with mobile audiences on a regular basis and share content when it matters most," said Paperlit CEO and President, Luca Filigheddu. "With Paperlit Live, publishers can publish news feeds side-by-side their digital magazine kiosk, creating a fully connected, one-stop mobile experience for their readers."

Live feeds also helps publishers attract more users, convert those users into paid subscribers via in-app purchase and increase app profitability.

"We have seen smaller publishers and brands struggle to increase usage of digital edition apps beyond their weekly or monthly publishing schedule," noted Filigheddu. "When publishers share fresh content daily, hourly or on the minute, app visits increase and publishers are in-turn able to nurture users towards paying to read digital publications."

Paperlit Live is the latest feature the company has unveiled to strengthen Paperlit's competitive position and expand appeal outside the publishing industry to brands. Paperlit also offers subscription management configuration, in-app advertising, push notification, coupon management and analytics to cover a full range of requirements from magazine
and brand publishers.

Paperlit is a digital publishing platform that enables magazine publishers and brands to easily create and distribute interactive digital publications with a branded mobile app. Used by over 150 publishers in over 20 countries, Paperlit is a cost-effective solution for building digital editions that can be distributed on the web, the App Store and Google Play.

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