Google patent's inject-into-the-eye vision correction |

Google patent's inject-into-the-eye vision correction

Experts have described the news as 'terrifying' though one still finds it weird as to why an technology giant is shifting focus to healthcare? Is that where all the money is?


You have to hand it to Google. Sure it’s “terrifying” as CNET reports, but it’s way beyond spectacles, lenses, LASIK, and the more recent methods of vision correction. Vision augmentation, we should say. This is something that is injected into the eye for improving vision.

It’s still a patent, and as CNET says, it might not happen — but it might. “It be powered wirelessly from an energy harvesting antenna.”

We’re sure that more than people with simple myopia (near-sightedness), who can be helped by just contact lenses, this will help people with more complex vision problems.

But why is a company like Google getting into something like this? Body and medical tech and so forth? Yes, the company has been trying to diversify from search, as we reported just a week ago. Sinking shares, smart homes, self-driving cars.

Pardon the seeming similarity with VR (virtual reality), reported four months ago by TechCrunch: “It’s entirely unsurprisingly how multi-pronged a push Google is making to stoke the VR market right now.” But why the eye augmentation?

The original Forbes report about the eye injection says, “The planned device... contains a number of tiny components: storage, sensors, radio, battery and an electronic lens. ... the ‘interface device’ contains the processor to do the necessary computing.”

Yes, it appears the device actually does computation to send the correct sight-sensory signals to your brain.

That’s Google at its best! We’ve always been saying that Google wants to get into your brain; now they want to do it at the raw, physical level. It’s still a patent, but if it happens, then well — Google will actually be in your brain.

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