Huawei Launches P9 Smartphone with P2i Nano Coating |

Huawei Launches P9 Smartphone with P2i Nano Coating

The nano coating is resistant to liquid damage such as water, oil and sweat.


Chinese technology giant Huawei have announced the launch of their latest flagship device using P2i nano coating technology.

The highly anticipated P9 offers an innovative, 12-megapixel Leica dual-camera system on the back, a metal back plate with a fingerprint sensor on the rear and carefully designed edges for a more comfortable feel. P2i Nano coating is designed to protect the P9 from liquid damage and corrosion caused by accidental splashes and spills.

P2i are the global leader in liquid repellent nanotechnology and have recently announced that they have coated over 100 million smartphones with their innovative liquid-repellent coating.

Gary Huang, Chief Commercial Officer at P2i, said, "We are excited to work with Huawei on yet another device, providing our world class nano coating to protect their smartphones from liquid exposure, increasing the P9's reliability and durability. We have coated Huawei's flagship devices, the P8 and Mate S with our innovative liquid repellent technology and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future."

Yonggang Wang, General Manager of P series at Huawei, said, "We choose our partners carefully and are delighted to continue working with P2i with their nano coating technology protecting the P9 from everyday splashes and spills."

P2i is the global leader in liquid-repellent nano coatings, that assure products have improved protection against damaging elements such as water, oil and sweat.With a focus on the consumer electronics industry, P2i technology makes devices water
resistant, improving their reliability and allowing them to survive liquid exposure in everyday accidents. Using a patented pulsed plasma process, P2i's technology coats objects with an invisible protective coating that is 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair.

Headquartered in England, P2i's market-leading technology is protected by multiple patents. The company works directly with the world's leading OEMs to integrate their nano coating technology into existing manufacturing lines.

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