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Ra.One Genesis Game Launched

"Social Game" launched by UTV Indiagames.


At yesterday's event in Mumbai, UTV Indiagames announced Ra.One Genesis, based on the upcoming superhero movie, Ra.One starring Shah Rukh Khan. The game is a standard top-down shooter. It allows micro-transactions, with which you can purchase power-ups, better weapons, and so on. It claims to be a "social game" because you can gift power-ups and other in-game items to your friends.

Commenting on the launch, Shah Rukh Khan said, "With the many strategic firsts that Ra.One is bringing to the country, the first ever superhero social game on the most powerful medium today takes it to a whole new level. The game has been specially conceptualized to ensure that it reaches out to all the audiences that are eagerly awaiting to catch a glimpse of the superhero G.One. This is the perfect opportunity for gamers to get introduced and engage with G.One, understand his fantastic abilities and immerse themselves in the game and become superheroes!"

Ra.One Genesis Game Launched

The "King of Bollywood" at the game launch.

The app will be available for Facebook, iOS, Android, and Symbian. Visit game.raonemovie.com to know more. We've asked for a review copy, so keep your eyes peeled for our impressions on the game. Here is the complete launch event video:

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