Now Plan A Fishing Trip Using BassForcast Fishing App!

The app calculates the best days for fishing based on the Largemouth Bass feeding behaviour and is powered by AccuWeather


BassForecast, a mobile app specifically designed to determine the best days for amateur bass anglers to go fishing, has announced their launch in the App Store. The app conveniently provides all searchable, location-specific, relevant data, in real-time-to anyone planning a fishing trip - whether at work, on the go or at home. 
Unlike other fishing apps or using solunar tables alone, BassForecast is the only app that takes into account how water temperature affects bass feeding patterns, which translate to determining the optimal time for fishing. Additionally, the proprietary algorithm, powered by data from AccuWeather, combines historical weather data, future weather predictions and real-time conditions to provide the BassForecast Rating (BFR). The BFR lets fishermen know how active bass will be on any given day based on the science of bass feeding behaviour.
Based on in-depth research of largemouth bass feeding behavior, by fishery biologists, and the environmental conditions that affect it, the BFR is a combination of location, the time-lag-effect of past air temperature on water temperature, barometric pressure changes, complete solunar data and other relevant weather factors that have been scientifically proven to affect bass. The BFR is calculated for the location of choice for 10 days in advance and provides alerts when a good day is identified.
BassForecast's partnership with AccuWeather allows users to leverage the superior accuracy of AccuWeather to track the BFR for all their favorite fishing locations, while the BassForecast Rating dynamically updates with changing weather conditions.
BassForecast is the brainchild of Mike Mehlmann, an avid bass fisherman and self-proclaimed "bass science geek" from Texas. Used to looking at many different sources for past weather data, solunar tables, moon phase charts, weather forecasts and more, he finally became fed up with how long it took to select good fishing days using traditional methods. After struggling to find weather apps that worked well for fishing, he decided to create his own. Months of research into fishery biologists' data and reports led to his creation of a bass fishing algorithm and the BassForecast Rating was born.
BassForecast will be available to download for free on iOS devices on the App Store with the Android version through Google Play coming in June.

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