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Hassle-Free Web Uploads For Google Photos

The new update ensures speedy uploads with keyboard shortcuts.


Users can now enjoy a faster web experience with the new Google Photos update. The significant feature of the update is that it allows users to directly upload pictures from their computers into an album, including in the shared albums. The update also features keyboard short cuts that helps in quick uploads, edits and searches.
Some of the shortcuts include, “a” for auto enhance, “#” for delete, “e” for edit, “/” for search etc. Users can navigate between photos mid-edit, and any edits will be automatically saved. In case users wish to undo changes, all they need to do is simply hit ‘the Revert to Original’, and can start over again.This update would now make the bulk upload of photos taken from DSLR or other 
cameras that earlier wasn’t compatible with Google Photos much more easy and less time consuming.
Google Photos, since its debut in May 2015 has been the most preferred photo and video sharing and storage service across the globe. Picasa was acquired by Google in the year 2004 and now has decided shut down Picasa. Picasa is no longer supported on desktop 
since March 15 this year. Picasa photo albums can be moved on Google Photos. The latest update will be available to all users.

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