Google Brings Turn-By-Turn Navigations To Offline Maps |

Google Brings Turn-By-Turn Navigations To Offline Maps

Earlier, users were able to download the map, but, the turn-by-turn navigation was not available.


Google Maps' offline feature is now available in India allowing users to save a map offline and also get exact turn-by-turn directions.

Earlier, while, users were able to save a map offline, there was no facility where-in users could obtain details directions to a specific location.

However, Google has now announced that now, the Maps app will be providing features such as voice-based turn-by-turn navigation which were until now, found in online mode only.

In order to use the offline map, users will have to download the maps of a particular area. It will then continue to work even if there is no connectivity.

Along with turn by turn directions, users can now search for specific destinations even if there is no Internet connection.

Additionally, the company has announced that whenever a connection is found, Maps is capable of switching over to online mode and thereby allow users to access full version of the app with live traffic conditions.

However, the feature is still not available for iOS users in India which the company expects to soon arrive.

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