Top 5 Robotic Automated Floor Cleaners In India |

Top 5 Robotic Automated Floor Cleaners In India

List of top 5 automatic floor cleaners best suitable for the working youth in India.

Top 5 Robotic Automated Floor Cleaners In India

With life getting busier, many of the urban families find it difficult to keep the house clean. Especially when families are becoming nuclear nowadays and both husband and wife go to work.

Waiting for the maid to come early in the morning and getting satisfied unwillingly even if nothing has been properly cleaned is what we see many times in the modern families.

However, the robotics industry seems to have given such families a boon, the automated robot vacuum cleaner. They clean your house floor automatically and also get charged automatically while you are at work.

But, if you are confused about which robotic vacuum cleaner to purchase, here is a list of top 5 automated cleaners.

1. Milagrow Black Cat MGRV002 Robotic Floor Cleaner (Black)

Price: Rs 23,990

This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a bunch of features like robotic 6th sense, auto scheduling, auto charging, UV cleaning. The Black Cat also comes with variety of cleaning mode and cleans almost any kind of surface. On the other hand, the black cat can clean the pet hair hassle free and comes with elliptical remote control. Also, the black cat comes with 0.38 litre dust bin capacity.


2. Philips FC8800/01 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Sky Blue and Metallic)

Price: Rs 17,163

The Philips Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with a slim design which enables the device to clean those areas where people can't reach. The automated cleaner also comes with features like extra long brushes, 2 stage cleaning system, infrared sensors and 1 button operation. Also, the device takes up to 4 hours to get charged completely. However, the Philips robotic cleaner comes with dust bit capacity of 0.2 litre which is nearly half the size of the Milagrow Black Cat.


3. Exilient ReadyMaid Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Rs 15,300

Like every other automated robotic vacuum cleaners, the Exilient ReadyMaid is also robotic, intelligent and wireless while it avoids stairs and falls, cleans any surface and disinfects floor with UV lamp. The cleaner also has low noise level and performs wet mopping with the ability to be controlled with a remote. However, the best feature of the device is that it comes with dust bin capacity of up to 1 ltr which means that it can perform more cleaning as it can store more dust at a time.


4. Neato XV Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Price: Rs 38,000

While this robotic vacuum cleaner seems to be a bit too pricey, the company claims the cleaner to have the strongest suction available in the robot vacuum cleaner segment as of now. Also, the Neato XV Signature Pro comes with two high performance filters which reduce dust and allergens. However, this seems to be a new player in the Indian market.


5. O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner

Price: Rs 3,844

This robotic floor cleaner is likely a cheaper alternative for those who cannot shed Rs 15,000 and above for such automated cleaning devices. However, while being priced low, the cleaner is still pretty effect, though one cannot expect this machine to be a beast. Having said that, the O-Duster comes with self rotating feature and uses automatic navigation. Also, the cleaner comes with a disposable electrostatic cloth which can attract dust and hair. As an ending note, while this may not be able to clean the entire house, it can definitely clean your kitchen slab.


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