Mahatma Gandhi Interactive Biography App Delves Deep Into The Details

Gives an interactive look into the life of the Mahatma on your iPad.

Mahatma Gandhi Interactive Biography App Delves Deep Into The Details

Interactive apps make learning fun, and reading interesting and engaging. And this is exactly what the Mahatma Gandhi Interactive Biography App for iPad pulls off.

More importantly, on a day like Gandhi Jayanti, there could not be a better way to dive into the life of a man who inspired Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and other great leaders.

The app has been developed by Touchzing Media, the team that has also worked on other interactive apps like American History and World History. But what makes it so special is the level of detail that the developers have managed to compress into an app that is just 95.3 MB in size.

By details, we mean, quality videos, high quality imagery that you can zoom into, and over 20,000 words of reading, enough to get you picking up your iPad to go through it time and again.

And its all in there. After the brief intro, you learn that there are four distinct sections within the app. There’s the all-important interactive biography, a photo gallery, the usual quotes sideshow and a video gallery.

All-in-all the app is simply well put together, and you can keep clicking on links that take you deeper into the topic. And its not just Gandhi’s life as a freedom fighter that is the focus here, but also his humble beginnings.

There’s plenty to discover for users of all ages, and even though the app is quite old (the last update was published by December 12, 2013) it is still the best interactive app on Mahatma Gandhi you can get your hands on across Windows, iOS and Android.

And with all quality apps, comes a price tag and this one will cost you Rs 300. But it clearly is the best one out there in the sea of ebooks and apps available on the App Store and will be well worth your time and money. 


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