Top 5 Solar Power Banks For Your Smartphone |

Top 5 Solar Power Banks For Your Smartphone

While these solar power banks not only help you lower your carbon footprint, they also offer durability, efficiency and waterproofing.

Top 5 Solar Power Banks For Your Smartphone

We are quite familiar with power banks nowadays to back up the battery power of our smartphones.

But, how would it be if you could charge your smartphone on the go using the freely available solar energy? Solar power banks are useful when users are away from an electrical outlet and they are a necessity for camping trips.

Here is a list of 5 best solar power banks we recommend to the travelling you.

1. Anker 8W

The Anker 8W is a fold-out solar bank with a charge rate of 1 Amp in direct sunlight, while the single 8-watt port charge one device at a time with its mono crystalline solar array. This is compatible with a huge number of devices and comes in polyester canvas and industrial strength PET panels. This power bank is also weather resistant which means it can be used in any weather conditions and is the perfect choice for your camping trips. You can buy one here.

2. Poweradd 7200mAh

PowerAdd Apollo 7,200 mAh power bank as the name it self suggests comes with a 7,000 lithium battery which provides enough power to charge a smartphone up to three times. The power bank also features a plug-in option which enables it to charge devices much more quickly than with sunlight. You can buy one here.

3. Poweradd Apollo Pro 23000mAh

PowerAdd Apollo Pro 23,000 mAh provides users with one USB and one DC output for laptops. This is a huge tablet sized power bank which comes with three voltage settings. This power bank can charge up a variety of devices from smartphones to laptops. Users can select their preferred charging rates to economize on power. Its four LED lights indicate its remaining charge, and its power-saving design shuts the unit down after 30 seconds of no activity. You can buy one here.

4. Waaree Solar Power Bank 10000mAh

Waaree is an Indian player in the solar mobile power banks category and this specific model comes with a 10,000 mAh top grade Li-Polymer battery which can be charged by solar as well as USB. The power bank is small and compact in size and can charge a typical smartphone 4 times at least. The power bank also comes with 4 LED battery status indicator. You can buy one here.

5. Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit

Goal Zero is a well known player in many countries when it comes to mobile solar chargers and this particular kit charges a variety of mobile devices and includes a set of rechargeable batteries. This power bank kit also includes a battery pack which will be charged on the go using the solar panels. You can buy one here.

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