Should You Be Excited About Xiaomi's Mi TV 2S? |

Should You Be Excited About Xiaomi's Mi TV 2S?

Find out what else Xiaomi's latest TV has to offer apart from value.

Should You Be Excited About Xiaomi's Mi TV 2S?

Xiaomi needs no introduction. The Chinese brand has quickly cemented its place in the home and Indian market. Every once in a while, Xiaomi releases products that you don't expect from a smartphone brand. This includes television sets. The world has gone gaga over its recently announced 48-inch 4K smart TV. Let's find out which of its aspects are really worth the hype.

Metallic Back
Going by the images, the Xiaomi Mi TV 2S is quite a looker. With thin bezels, the TV's design is great. However, I don't understand the fuss about "beautifully designed metallic back". I repeat, Xiaomi's TV looks great. But why should I be bothered about the back. Isn't it going to face a wall, all the time?

9.9 mm Thin Body
Although Xiaomi TV's product page is in Chinese, there's one thing you can't miss out is its claim about 9.9 mm thin body. We have seen a mad race among smartphone manufacturers to build thin phones. However, I just don't see how a TV's thinness is a big deal. You are not going to slip it in pocket, are you?

4K Resolution
If I were a TV salesman, I would tell you that "4K is amazing. 4K is the future. 4K this, 4K that." As a reviewer I do agree that 4K is the future, but where is the content? Even the most expensive Blue Ray discs you can buy only offer Full HD video. So why invest in a technology that you cannot enjoy?

Better Colours
LCD TVs with LED background suck when it comes to colour reproduction. Proper Black is something an LCD just cannot achieve due to the backlighting. Xiaomi seems to be hard at work to make things better with its "no light leakage" backlight module design. While we don't know how well that works yet, it is a welcome move nonetheless. Xiaomi claims that its TV produces better images compared to Samsung, Sony, and Sharp. But then, what's puzzling is that Xiaomi sources panels from Samsung.

A photograph from Xiaomi's website showing how Mi TV 2S produces better picture than the competition.

Screenshot of the Mi TV 2S' product page, claiming that they use Samsung panels.

Known to disrupt the market with aggressive pricing, Xiaomi has pegged the 48-inch 4K TV at 2999 RMB (roughly Rs 31,000). The Cinema Edition that comes with a Dolby soundbar and subwoofer will cost 3999 RMB (Rs 41,000). Needless to say, pricing is one of the most important factors I wish this TV to launch in India. Because of Xiaomi, other brands will be forced to consider price drops.

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