Tired Of Typing SMS From Your Phone? Try This

Sync/send SMS from your computer using Pushbullet.

Tired Of Typing SMS From Your Phone? Try This

Pushbullet does many things including sending files and links between your phone and PC. However, one thing it does best is let you access your phone's notifications and messages to PC. It's a fact that typing on a keyboard is so much faster than typing on a phone. Besides, when you reply a text from your PC, it looks as if you are working. This comes in handy in office. If you are wondering how you can setup a connection between your phone and PC, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the app on your phone, using these links (Android, iOS).

2. Login using your Gmail or Facebook account. Go for Gmail, as it syncs your contacts effortlessly.

3. To bridge a connection between your phone and PC, go to your phone's Settings, and enable notifications support.

4. To access messages and other stuff from PC, visit pushbullet.com.

5. Sign in using the same account that you use for Pushbullet.

5. Similar to how WhatsApp web works, you will get access to messages in the browser.

7. If you prefer tighter integration, install the Pushbullet app on your computer. Download links: PC, Mac.

8. To confirm that the notifications feature is working, send a test notification from your phone.

9. If you see a pop-up window like the one in this image does, you are good to go.

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