Gear Up Your Smartphone For Monsoons |

Gear Up Your Smartphone For Monsoons

Here's a list of waterproof covers at various price points.

Gear Up Your Smartphone For Monsoons

The monsoons are here. There's a good chance that you face that unlucky rainy day when a splash of water or even moisture end-up spoiling your beloved smartphone. Unless of course, you own one of the waterproof handsets from Sony, Samsung, or HTC. While nothing beats a proper waterproof device, you can protect your existing phone with waterproof pouches and cases.

Random Cheap Pouch

Price: Rs 150 (depends on your bargaining skills)
Basic silicon pouch. You don't expect a branded one at this price right?

Sygtech Case
Price: Rs 450
Rated to protect your phone 15 metres under water, the Sygtech case is quite a reliable option to keep your phone safe from the rains.

Ultraproof Case
Price: Rs 1400
If you are ready to spend over grand, the Ultraproof case is one of the well-built cases in its segment. It offers protection up to 4 metres and fits most smartphones in the market.

LifeProof Case
Price Starts From Rs 2600
Available for most high-end phones including the iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, and HTC One variants.

Evecase Universal Case
Price: Rs 2883
If you own multiple phones, this is a good solution. It fits devices with screen sizes up to 5.7" screen. The cover offers protection up to 30 metres.

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