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E3 2015: Microsoft's Minecraft For Hololens Looks Stunning

The gadget has the potential to change the way we game.

E3 2015: Microsoft's Minecraft For Hololens Looks Stunning

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2015 is in full swing. Developers are taking stage to showcase exciting next-gen games. In this mad rush, one thing that has really managed to stand out is Microsoft's on stage demonstration of Minecraft. With Hololens, the software giant has managed to merge the video game with the real world. Showing off fancy promo videos is one thing, while on-stage is a different ball game, and that's exactly what Microsoft has managed to pull off.

Microsoft has definitely been planning this from a long time. It could be the reason why the Redmond-based company bought Minecraft-maker Mojang last year. While unveiling the Hololens, Microsoft did tease about a special version of Minecraft, made for Holelens. For demonstration, the company chose the biggest gaming event E3. Watch the live Hololens demo video embedded below.

As you can see in the videos, Hololens seems like a cross between Oculus Rift and Google Glass. What sets it apart from other wearables is the fact that it fuses richly textured 3D holographs in the 'real' world around you. It's impressive how virtual objects sit on real table without a hint of stutter. Let's not forget that the user in this video is constantly moving, so the gadget is actually adjusting object panes in space real time.

This is quite a feat considering that Hololens is a standalone device. All the complex 3D elements are rendered using the built-in HPU (Holographic Processing Unit). To seamlessly merge and morph computer generated images on real world visuals, the SoC (System on Chip) handles terabytes of data from the sensors in real time. The wearable runs Windows 10, and is compatible with Windows universal apps. You can operate Hololens with simple hand gestures.

Going by the video, Hololens will surely change the way we play videos games. Minecraft will surely be the killer app for Hololens. However, for the long term success, Microsoft is going to need more plenty of titles specially made for the device. And of course, Hololens' pricing is going to be crucial.

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