Has Samsung Turned Evil Queen's Magic Mirror Into A Reality?

The Korean brand unveils a mirror OLED panel.

Has Samsung Turned Evil Queen's Magic Mirror Into A Reality?

There's a lot of interesting stuff happening in the Television market. If smart, curved, and 3D weren't fancy enough, Samsung has turned the stuff from sci-fi movies into a reality by unveiling transparent and mirror TV panels.

These 55" panels are OLED types. Obviously, not meant for home users but commercial purpose. Especially, as signboards or virtual fitting rooms. Compared to conventional LCD alternatives, Samsung's OLED panels offer high contrast and vibrant colours. In case you didn't know, unlike LCD screens, OLED panels don't require back-lighting — they have self luminance.

The Samsung mirror display and transparent display work with gestures and voice control. It has integrated Real Sense 3D-rotatable viewing systems developed by Intel.

This tech is best suited for clothes and accessory stores. With right software, these TVs can superimpose apparels on a consumer. Needlessly to say, this tech can help buyers try out dozens of clothes in few minutes.

Samsung hopes that its mirror display may also replace home mirrors in the future. Considering how fads take over the world these days, smart mirrors may soon become a rage. You never know, the magic mirror from Snow White's tale could be its killer app.

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