Does iOS 9 Borrow Too Much From The Competition? |

Does iOS 9 Borrow Too Much From The Competition?

Apple's mobile OS gaining features, but losing out on originality.

Does iOS 9 Borrow Too Much From The Competition?

For every new version of Apple's mobile OS, comparison with other platforms happens to be inevitable. iOS 9 brings in a lot of improvements and new features for both the iPhone and iPad. Some of these ideas are original, while a few have been inspired by competing operating systems. So although Apple's mobile operating system is gaining features, it is losing out on originality.


Picture In Picture
Apple's Picture in picture lets you play a video in window mode while working with other apps. It is a blatant rip-off of Samsung's pop-up play feature.

Split Screen
For the first time, iPad users running iOS 9 will be able to run two apps simultaneously in the split screen mode. Hello, Microsoft Surface!

Public Transit Info
Apple maps finally support Transit info. With iOS 9, iPhone will help you reach from point A to point B using public transport. Something that has been there for years on Android and Windows Phone.

Smarter Spotlight
Spotlight search will learn from your usage pattern. Based on that it will prioritise the information such as contacts, locations, and apps. Yes, very much like Google Now.

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