Affordable 10,000 mAh Power Banks Worth Checking Out |

Affordable 10,000 mAh Power Banks Worth Checking Out

It's as cheap as paying Rs 10 per 100 mAh.

Affordable 10,000 mAh Power Banks Worth Checking Out

Smartphone screens are getting sharper and processors faster each passing day. However, no drastic change has been seen in the battery tech for years. Little wonder then, the power banks have become must-have companions for most smartphones. Thanks to brands from our neighbouring country high-capacity power banks have become affordable. In the crowded market, here are the few that you should consider. (Last Updated: 11-August-2015)


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (Price: Rs 1400; Capacity: 10,400 mAh)
Not only smartphones, Xiaomi also disrupted the power bank market with its affordable battery pack. Considering its price, its build quality is impressive.

OnePlus Power Bank (Price: Rs 1400; Capacity: 10,000 mAh)
Known for its so-called flagship killer OnePlus One, the Chinese manufacturer forayed into the accessories business with this power bank. The OnePlus power bank can charge two devices simultaneously.

Huawei Honor AP007 (Price: Rs 1600; Capacity: 13,000 mAh)
Much like the aforementioned battery pack, the Honor AP007 packs-in two USB ports. The metal-clad power bank sports a minimalistic design.

Asus ZenPower (Price: 1600; Capacity: 10,050 mAh)
Riding on the success of its ZenFone series, the Taiwanese brand Asus introduced ZenPower for Rs 1500. The device comes in black, white, yellow, red, and blue.

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