How To: Create Lively GIF Images With Cinemagraph App |

How To: Create Lively GIF Images With Cinemagraph App

Creating animated images on your smartphone was never this easy.

How To: Create Lively GIF Images With Cinemagraph App

If a static image is funny, animated ones are hilarious. Little wonder then that the GIF images are a rage on the Internet. So much so that many click-bait websites(incapable of generating original content) package their articles around GIF images. Majority of the animated clips on the Internet are cut from videos. However, what if you want to start something from scratch? The best tool to go about it is the Lumia Cinemagraph app. The software comes preloaded on every Lumia phone starting from the basic 520 to premium Lumia 930. If you own one of these, check out a few tips on creating impressive animated GIFs in easy steps.

1. Open Cinemagraph app on your phone. Frame your shot properly. For a good looping GIF, steady hands are a must.

2. After you click the picture, the app circles the spots that can be animated. Click on any of the available points to animate the picture.

3. If you're not happy with the selection, you can manually control the area to be animated. Human touch is always essential.

The part of the image in blue will remain static.

4. Animation turned out jerky at some point? Don't worry, you can trim that part from the 'Edit' option. You can also control the animation speed from here.

5. Before sharing the GIF, you can give it a nice touch with 'Color Pop' option.Using this feature, you can make a particular hue in the image stand out.

In this image, I have chosen to retain blue.

6. There is also an option to add some Instagram like filters. If you ask me, it is better to stay away from these hipster filters.

7. Once you are done with the finishing touches, it is time to export it into a web friendly format. Click on Ellipsis (three dots), and you'll get the 'Export GIF' option.

GIF images as you know are compatible with most websites and message boards. You can embed them inline an article without much trouble, like the one below:


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