Best Apps To Watch Free Movies On Android |

Best Apps To Watch Free Movies On Android

You can watch movies when you want, where you want.

Best Apps To Watch Free Movies On Android

Watching movies has never been this easy. Gone are the days when one had to go to a movie theatre to watch a movie.

While it is true that most of the latest releases take time to come to the app, it wouldn’t be tough to find some bit old movies.

It has also freed you from being at the mercy of the old video rental stores, where you had to watch was available. Now you can watch what you want and more importantly when you want.

1. Viewster

Viewster has a ton of movies and they are all good. Sure most of them are not mainstream ones but they are free and entertaining. To us that’s all that matters. The reason we are not ranking it first is that some users are complaining about the movies not running. If you find any inconsistencies, you can always try the number one app on the list for your movie fix on the go.

2. Hubi

Hubi is more of a tool than an actual app which allows you to watch free movies on Android. What it basically does is get links from you and helps you download the movie hosted on that particular link. For example if you were watching anime on some site, you can easily download the video with this handy app and continue watching even if you go offline. Same goes for movies and other videos. The app can also stream videos from restricted sites and without even consulting another app.


3. Movie Tube Ex

Sometimes you just can’t make up your mind about the movie selection. For times like these, Movie Tube Ex is the best app to consult. This app lists movies from far off lands and presents them in a neat little bundle. Sure there are not a ton of movies available on this app but the variety it provides is matched by none.

4. YouTube


YouTube wasn’t the first video share site, but it has become the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winning video sharing site through a clever mix of functionality and community. It has also added movies to its list and there are plenty of options available and covers almost all languages. While a few movies are free you will  have to pay for a few.


5. Flipps



Flipps is a nifty app which not only allows you to watch some great movies on your smartphone/ tablet but also on your TV. That’s right, stream media on your phone and watch on your TV; this is some futuristic technology right here. The collection of movies is good, nothing impressive but will keep you entertained for a very long time. The streams take a bit of time to load, but may be it depends on the internet connection that you have. The quality of the streams however is incredible, incredible enough to look great on a big TV screen.

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