Intriguing Television Sets From LG's Tech Show 2015 |

Intriguing Television Sets From LG's Tech Show 2015

LG planning to go big in the Indian TV market.

Intriguing Television Sets From LG's Tech Show 2015

LG is more than just a smartphone maker. The Korean brand manufactures everything from a portable speaker to refrigerator. Little wonder then, the G Flex 2 smartphone wasn't the only major announcement at the LG India Tech Show 2015. In fact, the Korean brand's television sets pulled significant crowd. Here's a quick look at some of the exciting TVs from the show. Images don't do justice to TVs, therefore, we have embedded Vine videos for each product.

LG 105 5K TV
Estimated Price: Rs 60,00,000
One thing you couldn't miss out at the show was the LG 105-inch 5K TV. World's largest curved TV boasts of 5k resolution. With its 21:9 aspect ratio you get pixel dimensions of 5120x2160. The IPS panel has wide viewing angles. However, its curved nature somewhat limits it. Teaming-up with Harmon/Kardon, LG has integrated a 7.2 channel 150 W speakers system. This smart TV is powered by WebOs. And compared to Android TV, I found it easy to operate. The LG 105 5K TV is priced at whopping Rs 60,00,000. Overall, it's a great aspirational product that overwhelms you in every possible way. With this much money, a poor writer like me would rather buy a house.

Estimated Price:Rs 15,00,000
This was the best product at the tech show. The Korean brand's 77-inch OLED TV produces stunning picture quality. Due to its emmissive nature, OLED can deliver flawless blacks and vibrant RGB. Unlike LCD (LED and CCFL), OLED panels does not require backlight, so you never have to worry about the screen bleeding. If you have high regard for Plasma technology, OLED TVs are for you. The television set supports up to 4k resolution. Its sound is designed by Harmon/Kardon. Like any high-end TVs these days, it comes with smart features. All in all, the LG 77 4K OLED is outstanding when it comes to visuals. This is one of the first TVs to feature adjustable curve. Thankfully, you can make it flat too. That's a neat feature, but then again, you are paying for a feature you never asked for.

LG 98 4K TV
Estimated Price: Rs 25,00,000
Based on WebOs, here's another huge smart television from LG. The 98-inch 4K TV supports 4K resolution. Since it is a flat-panel IPS screen, the viewing angles are wide. Compared to most LCD (LED backlit) panels, this TV is very good at colour reproduction. Just don't expect it to come anywhere close to OLED screens though. The bezel is impressively thin. To achieve minimalism in design, LG has fitted it with sliding speaker system from Harman/Kardon. The TV also comes with an 8 megapixel built-in camera.

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