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Best Android Apps That Use Material Design

This is where you can see the best use of the latest user friendly design.

Best Android Apps That Use Material Design

Google embraced the material design with the idea of making the apps more interesting and organized. Most of the apps on Play Store have managed to change their design.

This proved to be a monumental effort and the search giant managed to do it successfully over a period of time.

Let us look at some of the best apps that use Material Design

1. Inbox by Gmail

While most of Google’s apps have gone material design in one form or another, Inbox is an excellent flagship. Emails are sorted in a card-style interface, which is a hallmark of material design. The app also uses a new slide-out menu to connect to other parts of the interface and has a floating button for creating a new message, reminder, or Inbox invite.

2. Field Trip

Field Trip is a clever app for when you’re traveling or just out and about and want to discover more about what’s around you. It will ping you with details about restaurants, sites of historical snippets, or other places that you wouldn’t normally pick up through just a Google search or perusal of Yelp.

3. Weather Timeline

It’s too rare to find a great “Android only” app that shows off the best of the platform. Weather Timeline has done this with its weather application. It also has excellent Android Wear implementation, pushing out weather alerts and putting the forecast on your watch. It’s only $0.99, so grab it and support great development efforts like this.

4. Action Launcher 3

Sure, there’s the Google Now Launcher if you want the Googliest home screen possible, but Action Launcher gives your phone or tablet a Nexus-style look with more customization. There are plenty of icon pack choices and the QuickPage, which is a custom home screen you can get by swiping in from the right edge.

5. Falcon Pro 3

The official Twitter app may be dragging its feet in getting there, but if you want some material design with your Twitter then grab Falcon Pro 3. It’s $4 for the first account and $2 thereafter, and loaded with a lot of power features for those who want more out of the social network.

6. Messenger from Google

The Hangouts app is still a work in progress, but at least Google built a clean, slick messaging app for SMS and MMS with its Messenger. Your finger touches splash on the screen and there’s plenty of white space and other lovely effects.

7. Cabinet Beta

It’s had a long go in beta, but Cabinet is a pretty stable and desirable file manager with a slick, material design look. It uses the floating button well, letting you create a new remote connection, folder, or file.

8. Numix Calculator Pro


The stock Android calculator does the job, and it too has a new material theme if you’re running Lollipop. But if you want something that looks great and has a few more features then go with Numix Calculator Pro. It saves your calculation’s history and swings in with additional capabilities when you swipe through the keyboard.

9. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Give your background a lively material design makeover with themes that float across the background. There are a lot of different choices that run across the color spectrum with Chrooma Live Wallpaper, letting you personalize how your wallpaper looks.

10. Source News Reader

Feedly is still undergoing a material redesign, so while you’re waiting, or if you just want to explore another alternative, check out Source News Reader. It looks great, and the card-based system of design goes well here. It’s but you get a great-looking app and a developer that’s committed to cranking out timely updates.

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