Google, Apple Set to Clash Over In-Car Tech |

Google, Apple Set to Clash Over In-Car Tech

Android Auto and CarPlay will take the tech battleground to the automobile dashboard

Google, Apple Set to Clash Over In-Car Tech

After smartphones and tablets, the next battleground seems to be the dashboard of the car, where Google and Apple will be vying for supremacy.

Google has developed Android Auto, while the Cupertino giant with its renewed interest in Automobile sector has developed CarPlay for the iPhone users and both are expected to debut soon.

Add Apple’s latest love interest electric cars and Google’s claim of road-ready self-driven cars in another 20 years, the circle seems complete and the indications are clear that the duo are gearing up for the big fight.

According to New York Times, “Android Auto is about to debut after two years in development. Plug in a smartphone with a USB cord and the system powers up on a car’s screen. The phone’s screen goes dark, not to be touched while driving. Apple’s CarPlay works similarly, with bubbly icons for phone calls, music, maps, messaging, and other apps appearing on the car’s center screen.”

This recent interest of Silicon Valley in the automobiles comes from the fact that people want to do more with their smartphones. Gone are the days when making and receiving calls was the primary job of the phones.

The OS companies are looking to explore new horizons and extend the boundary of smartphone usage. More than 24 manufacturers have signed up with both Android and Apple, which sends out a signal that nobody wants to be left out.


1.       First and foremost is the fact that driving will become safer. The number of accidents involving distracted drivers using smartphones is ever increasing. These are expected to bring those numbers down and companies have also promised the same.

2.       In an age where smartphones are replacing every other electronics gadget, there will be plenty of them like GPS navigation system which will be extinct. This will make life easier when one device will do everything for you

3.       It might be easier for you to find car if it is stolen. Already there are enough safety features to find your stolen smartphone and remotely lock it. While finding a car may be easy, remotely shutting it off also may not be far from reality.


1.       Even though the manufacturers have signed up, the cost of the dashboard is likely to be borne by the user. It might pose a problem if a user has to change the car’s dashboard if he is changing his phone.

2.       It might be a security threat to allow remotely control the car and it might be an open invitation for the hackers.

The biggest question for us is what will be its impact on Indian roads. Will it make Indian drivers smarter? The answer may well be, no.

This is because even in this age of bluetooth syncing and wireless earphones, we still see people behind the wheels speaking over the mobile phones. While we are not suggesting that using headsets is legal or safe, at least it reduces the risk.

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