Apps That Help You To Abide By Your New Year's Resolutions |

Apps That Help You To Abide By Your New Year's Resolutions

While making a resolution is easy, keeping up with it is the toughest. So let us see whether we can help you out with it.

Apps That Help You To Abide By Your New Year's Resolutions

It has been more than a month since we first stepped in the year 2015. It is also time that every new year you take a resolution and struggled to live up to it since then.

If you are one of those, who have struggled to keep up with the resolution, then don’t worry you will find plenty of friends, who are sailing in the same boat.

Here are a few apps that might help you to keep up with the resolution and which in turn helps you to come up with a new resolution in 2016.

Mint Bills & Money

If you have made a resolution to spend less this is year, then this app is for you. Mint Bills & Money app this free app ensures that you never miss a bill payment. It also monitors your credit cards and bank accounts to ensure there is no overdraft and you know how much you have available for spending. Knowing where your money is going each month can be an eye-opening experience, but a necessary one for making better budget decisions. If the funds are running low, the app alerts you as well!



If you have decided to be more relaxed and take time from work to be calm go ahead and download it. In this fast-paced world, we hardly get time for ourselves and are invariably running around and stressed out. What you need to get your head sorted is the Headspace app, which will let you breathe easy - literally! Headspace is an application that provides 10-minute meditation sessions, which are basically "simple mindfulness techniques."



Decided to acquire new language skills in 2015? To help with this resolution we have just the app for you - Duolingo. This app provides lessons in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Irish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Dutch.


The app has a menu full of self-improvement goals - go ahead and cherry pick from the same. Once done with choosing your goal, just turn on the coaching feature on the app. The app will not only motivate you, but also offer advice and prompt you into action. How? Through one-on-one interactions with over 700 expert coaches who are affiliated with the program.

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