Best Of 2014: Most Stylish Smartphone |

Best Of 2014: Most Stylish Smartphone

Find out this year's best looking smartphone.

Best Of 2014: Most Stylish Smartphone

Phones were supposed to keep us connected. Over the years though, they do more than that. In today's world, smartphones are used for playing music, watching videos, gaming, taking selfies, posting images of your lunch, and whatnot! Let's not forget that for some, mobile phones are a status symbol. In such cases, the design and craftsmanship come before utility.

I miss the good-old days when phones came in different shapes and sizes. Post iPhone-era, smartphones have started looking similar than ever. The fold, slide, swivel designs are gone. What we get today are mostly black and white bricks of plastic and glass. Thankfully, there are companies that make their products stand-out with impressive design and premium build. These design driven companies include Apple, HTC, and Nokia (Microsoft). While compiling the list of good looking smartphones, I'm not considering the power and functionality. Without further ado, here's the list of most stylish handsets this year.

Apple iPhone 6
HTC One (M8)
Nokia Lumia 930

This year, the iPhone received a long due design overhaul. While the iPhone 5s was all about sharp edges, the 6 flaunts rounded corners. What hasn't changed a bit though is the top-notch construction. The aluminium unibody feels premium. At 6.9 mm, it's impressively thin. While the iPhone 6 is undoubtedly a great looking phone, the antenna stripes on its back are a big turn-off. I wish Apple would get rid off those plastic antennas soon.

Going against the current trend of anorexic phones, Nokia aims for ergonomics. At 9.8 mm, its latest flagship, Lumia 930 is comparatively thicker, but feels good to hold. The manufacturer has nicely fused the curved glass, aluminium frame, and polycarbonate to build this device. What I didn't like here is the back-plate that creates unnecessary seams on this handset. Without that, the Lumia 930 could have looked more classier.

HTC is the only handset maker from Google's camp to match the iPhone's charm. The HTC One (M8) features a premium aluminium unibody. The front-facing speakers make this handset stand out. HTC has also put in a lot of efforts to achieve impressive detailing. All three handsets featured in this article look attractive. However, the Taiwanese brand has managed to outdo Apple and Nokia.

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