Top Earphones Under Rs 1000 |

Top Earphones Under Rs 1000

Get good sound at an affordable price.

Top Earphones Under Rs 1000

Media consumption devices have changed over the years. I still remember those good old Walkmans from 80s. A decade later, Discman became a rage. Then, came the iPods and other solid state players. What hasn't changed much over the years are the earphones. I know that there are new types of earphones such as bone conducting ones. However, such products are out of question for most consumers. Based on my interaction with other humans, I have noticed that most of them prefer not to spend more than Rs 1000 on earphones. If you too have your budget capped at 1k, check out these recommendations. Note: whoever told you that Skullcandy earphones are good is wrong. Last updated: 31-03-2015.

Price: Rs 890

I use earphones a lot. So for me, comfort is as important as sound quality. The Japanese company's earphones deliver on both counts. The sound is clear and punchy. The sound leans towards bass compared to high frequencies. The earphones are light yet well built. Even the silicone buds are soft, making it comfortable for long music sessions. Lastly, the earphones come in a variety of bright hues to choose from.

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II
Price: Rs 890
If you love a bit of extra base in your music, this Sennheiser is an ideal choice. It produces crisp sound perfect for music and video playback. The ear buds have a nice fit that help minimise the ambient noise. Similar to Sony, this earphone's build quality is impressive too. It's also worth mentioning that the earphones come with a lengthy cable.

Philips SHE 3590BK/98
Price: Rs 400
With this pair of earphones, Philips has set a benchmark for budget earphones. For its Rs 400 price tag, this product offers good sound and design. These are not your regular budget earphone that look cheap. The sound is not as great as that of Sony or Sennheiser ones, but you get what you pay for and more. The only downer here is that the wires are not very strong.

Cowon EK2
Price: Rs 990
The first three earphones in this post are good at producing low frequencies. However, if you prefer treble over bass, you should consider South Korean brand's EK2 earphones. It produces high frequencies so well that you may forgive it for not-so-good lows and mids. The build is good and the best part is the in-line mic for calls.

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