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JBL Pulse: Preview And Image Gallery

Light-up your room with music.

JBL Pulse: Preview And Image Gallery

I assume, we all agree that nothing beats the good-old audio cassettes (except Vinyles). Those were the times when pencil was used to wind tapes more than writing. I still remember how amazing my Philips Powerhouse audio system was. Since skipping tracks was annoying, we used to play around 16 tracks peacefully in continuity. Later came, digital formats that enabled us to squeeze in hundreds of song in single disc. Too many choices cause confusion. Little wonder then, today we spend more time finding the tracks rather than listening to them. The fun part in enjoying music seems to have gone. A few companies are trying to bring that fun element back. That too keeping up with the time. Take for instance, the JBL Pulse. Evaluating its performance is going to take a lot of time, so for now, let's have a quick look at its features.

Over the years, the music consumption devices changed. Since most people now use mobile phone to play music, boomboxes sell more than music systems these days. To stand out in such crowded market, JBL has thrown-in light show in its Pulse boombox. The cylindrical speaker looks like the JBL Charge with some serious bling. The array of LEDs covered with metallic mesh grille reminds me of the mosquito zappers installed on Mumbai airport. There are quite a few deferences between them though. For starters, those zappers don't play music. And unfortunately, the JBL Pulse speakers are mosquito friendly.

The metal and plastic used in in construction are of top grade. Especially, the matte rubberised feel of the plastic is very pleasant. The ports and buttons are marked properly and are easy to operate. This is one of those products that do not require you to read the user manual.

The JBL Pulse can be charged with any mobile USB charger. If you quickly want to play songs, you can do so by connecting the Pulse with a phone, tablet, or computer using bluetooth. The fun starts when you turn on the LED light show. Some people might find it too flashy, but I'm loving it. JBL has done excellent job with the lighting pattern and selection of colours. You can change change the brightness, pattern, or even mix colours using the buttons provided on the speaker. Or simply, download JBL Music app on your smartphone. The only problem I'm facing right now is that the app is frequently crashing on the Xiaomi Redmi Note. And usual, the app is not available in Windows Phone store.

I haven't tested it thoroughly to judge the sound quality, but at least for now I'm quite happy with its performance. It is loud enough to fill a standard living room, common people like us can afford in Mumbai. For its size, the depth in sound JBL offers is impressive. For more info, keep an eye out for our review.

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