Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi On Windows Phone |

Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi On Windows Phone

This is the closest WP comes to Android's Wi-Fi Direct.

Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi On Windows Phone

One of the best things about Android is its ability to share large files over Wi-Fi. Especially in Samsung phones, you get S-Beam that's amazingly user-friendly. It lets you hook-up two devices using Wi-Fi Direct feature, allowing you to share files over Wi-Fi. Using this method, you can send over a GB of file in a few minutes. Same amount of data takes hours to transfer over the Bluetooth Transfer Protocol. The exact same feature is still not available in Windows Phone. However, Easy Transfer app is the closest WP comes to Android's Wi-Fi Direct.

Step 1. Download Easy Transfer app on the phone that's supposed to send the files. If you are too lazy to follow the link, hit the Search button on your phone, and use Bing vision to scan the QR code embedded below.

Step 2. Both the 'sender' and 'receiver' devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi network. If you don't have access to a router, create a Wi-Fi hotspot from the 'sender' device. And connect the 'receiver' to that network.

Step 3. Fire-up Easy Transfer app. It will give you a link that provides access to the phone's storage. You can type in this URL in any device's browser including smartphones, tablets, and computers. if the other device is also a Windows Phone, tap on the link, and it will turn in to a QR code, which you can scan with Bing vision.

Step 4. Once connected, you'll get access to the 'sender' phone's file system. From here, you can browse the folder and click on the desired file to start downloading it.

Step 5. This file will show-up in your Download folder. You can access it using the Files (file explorer app) developed by Microsoft. If it's a video file, a third-party player such as CCplayer will come-in handy.

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