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Exclusive: Weird Camera Problem Found In The iPhone 6 Plus

The issue makes the camera to produce warped images and videos.

Exclusive: Weird Camera Problem Found In The iPhone 6 Plus

Turns out, tendency to bend is not the only problem that plagues the iPhone 6 Plus. Our reader (Gaurav Pathak), has come across a weird camera issue on his brand new iPhone 6 Plus. According to him, the phone worked normally for first few weeks. Then, on one fine day, the camera started acting weird. As explained by Gaurav, the rear camera is recording wobbly videos and images. Everything in the camera viewfinder looks warped. Sounds confusing right? Well, check out the video demonstration below for better understanding:

There is an image sample too. Click here to view the uncompressed photograph.

The same user has reported hearing mechanical clicking sound from inside the phone when the camera is in use. From the information provided by him, this seems like a case of OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) gone bad. The iPhone 6 Plus is the first phone from Apple to feature OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation). This technology makes the 6 Plus' camera much better than that of the 4.7-inch iPhone. As mentioned in our review, the iPhone 6 Plus does a great job in the low-light conditions. In case you are not aware, OIS compensates for the shakes by shifting the lens or entire lens assembly. Developing such system, as you would have guessed, is complicated. In 2012, Nokia introduced OIS in mobile phones with the Lumia 920. Later, LG followed the suit with its G2 smartphone. To catch-up with the competition, Apple too crammed the OIS tech in its super-slim iPhone 6 Plus. Now it seems, they haven't had enough time to test the integration.

Gaurav claims that he has sent an email to Apple explaining the issue, but have not received a reply. Going through Apple Discussion forums suggests that many users are facing this issue. We hope that Apple has a solution in works. But hey, for that the company has to first acknowledge the problem right?

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