Apple Watch Has A Better Chance Of Success Than The Competitors

Good looks and emo features give Apple Watch an edge over Android Wear.

Apple Watch Has A Better Chance Of Success Than The Competitors

Apple isn't the first company to unveil a smartwatch as Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, and Pebble already have multiple products in the market. The Korean brand Samsung alone has over half a dozen watches including Gear S, Gear Live, Gear Fit, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and GALAXY Gear. Not a single one of them has hit the right spot though. One of the reasons behind the lacklustre response to Android smartwatches is due to the fact that the aforementioned companies lack a strong fan-base like Apple. The Cupertino-based company's fans are ready to adopt new products without a second thought. Look at the iPad, nobody knew whether it's useful or not, but they bought it anyway, and in no time it pioneered a new product category. Apple has always enjoyed such advantage over the competitors. Additionally, here's what puts its smartwatch in a better position against Android competitors.

Apple Watch is one of the very few smartwatches that look good. It comes in three versions — Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. The first one is a regular version, while Watch Sport is explanatory. The Watch Edition will feature 18 karat face, which interestingly marks Apple's entry into the jewellery market. Trust me, a good number of people are going to buy this watch only because of its flaunt value. On the other hand, watches from the Android camp simply don't cut it when it comes to aesthetics. Samsung's wearables, irrespective of their platforms, look clunky. Maybe the company is still drawing inspiration from its 2009's S9110 smartwatch. Other Android watch manufacturers aren't doing any better either. Worse is Motorola, as it took everyone for a ride by showing sleek computer generated images of the Moto 360 that are quite different than the actual product. Unlike other smartwatch manufacturers, Apple realised that one size doesn't fit all. Hence, they introduced its wearable in 38 mm and 42 mm size. Plus the selection of belts Apple offers simply dwarfs what the competition has to offer.

Non-Obtrusive UI
Till now, the user experience offered by most smartwatches is nothing to write home about. It feels as if these devices are small smartwatches. While touchscreens work fine for smartphones, they can be cumbersome on smartwatches due to the limited screen area. So mostly while navigating, you end up obstructing the view. The Apple Watch too comes with a touchscreen. In addition to that, you get a digital crown, which lets you navigate the User Interface without touching the screen. You can zoom, scroll, and select objects with the crown. This is definitely a good functionality for those not so fond of using small touchscreens.

Emo Features
Apart from run-of-the-mills features, the Apple Watch comes with a few weird features. Some of them are exclusive for emo couples. For instance, the Apple Watch lets you record and share your heartbeat with the special one. Apple claims that it's "a simple and intimate way to tell someone how you feel". If that wasn't creepy enough, there's also a feature to "psuedo touch" your friends. Apple's press release states that if you miss someone, you can select that contact and gently tap your smartwatch. The person on the other end (who also owns the Apple Watch) will feel a gentle tap on the wrist. Every sane person on this planet (a rare breed) will agree that these features are not useful in any way. However, in the world where Justin Bieber and Honey Singh are considered as artists, such features will be welcome. In fact, they might turn out to be the game changer.


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