The New Apple Products Herald A New Era Under Tim Cook |

The New Apple Products Herald A New Era Under Tim Cook

Has Tim uncooked Steve's Job At Apple

The New Apple Products Herald A New Era Under Tim Cook

Such has been the impact of Steve Jobs on Apple that it is hard to separate the 'apple with a bite' and its founder. After the latest Apple event, where it unveiled the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, the indications are that the company is ready to shed the legacy of its legendary founder and move on.

Even though Tim Cook has been the CEO of the company since 2011, most of the products released since then have been products envisioned by Jobs. There are two standout features in the  event of Tuesday, which indicate that the company is ready to move forward.

For the past few years, Apple had managed to keep away from the temptation of producing larger phones. Jobs never hid his emotions about the larger phones and called them ‘Hummers’ - the giant SUV.

The founder always said that the large phones never allowed hands to get around. This was one of the reasons why the iPhones were always smaller compared to its competitors. Both the versions of iPhone 6 are now larger than the iPhone 5s.

While the iPhone 5s stands at 4 inch, iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus stands at a gigantic 5.5 inch. Surely one would look a bit foolish when making calls on the iPhone Plus and something that Jobs would have hated.

The other indication that the company moving ahead is the Apple Watch, which is Cook’s first original product after taking over as CEO. Yes, he looks to leave a mark that has always been identified with Apple products and instead of calling it the iWatch, it has been only named 'Watch'.

Unlike its popular smartphones, the smartwatch has received mixed reactions. Apple almost lost $30 billion as its value of shares fell in the market immediately after the Apple event. According to Forbes each share value fell from $102.91 to $97.99.

There were reports earlier suggesting that people were ready to buy the Apple Watch if it was priced below $250. The company seems to have taken a huge gamble by keeping the starting price at a higher $349 and you will need a iPhone 5 or higher to run it.

Critics have also pointed out that the Apple Watch is a late entrant into the wearables segment. But don’t forget that under Jobs Apple has constantly managed to do it, be it the iPhone or iPod.

On the outset it looks like a transformation away from the traditional image that has been built around a company, it is also a need of the hour. Darwin’s theory ‘survival of the fittest’ holds good across all fields and company has to reinvent itself to stay relevant.

With the new iPhone 6 versions and Apple Watch the company the company is surely looking to dent the prospects of Samsung, their biggest rival in the industry.

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