TechTree Blog: An Online Classifieds For Knowledge Workshops

Websites such as are helping to bridge the gap between the learners and trainers.

TechTree Blog: An Online Classifieds For Knowledge Workshops

Ever wanted to learn how to decorate a chocolate cake with perfection, or how to indulge in wine tasting? If you don't really know where to go looking for tutors to help you cultivate such skills, can come to your rescue. It is an online community, which aims to bring together "motivated learners and talented teachers". At this point, we must mention that some of these classes are not free, but signing up is free.

To find out how skilled these teachers will turn out to be, we need to snoop around the service a bit. However, for now these expert classes are not conducted online: a teacher "creates" (meaning puts up) a class on the website along with details such as date, time, venue, teacher profile, and fees if any, along with other details. Students can register for these classes by paying online via the website itself. offers payment options such as credit and debit cards, net banking facilities, and pay by cash for confirming seats.



The service might be a bit disappointing for those looking for online sessions rather than attending their physical counterparts. For starters, you can look at sources such as and look for expert channels on the service to help you out. If you are looking at help for academic purposes, then portals such as Khan Academy, Academic Earth, Wikiversity, and MathTV among other online source can offer you a goldmine of essential guides.

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