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Why Android Wear is The Best Bet Among Smartwatches

Considering the sheer number of apps on the Play Store, it won't be long before Android Wear devices can do much more

Why Android Wear is The Best Bet Among Smartwatches

Taking the Smatwatche in the right direction, Google Android wear has been the strongest so far. The category of smartwatches is on the way to evolve in the same pace of smartphones with the increasing demand.

Compared to any other platform, Google's solution is to extend its Android platform - which has very strong market share and developer support - to the wearable genre with Android wear.

Google goes well as the hands free voice control and voice search is excellent, Google Fit promises to aggregate Biometric data and this Android Wear is made even more convincing, as smartwatch developers will be able to easily translate their apps from Google's mobile ecosystem.

In one month's time, that has brought 44 apps to the official subsection on the Google Play Store with the best coming big names such as Truecaller, Pinterest, Trulia, and American Airlines. It’s not surprising for anyone to opt for Google Apps owing to their competitive features.

To look at the other side of it, Google’s first generation product has a poor battery life and few other issues that make it tough to be recommended and then there's the question of iOS compatibility. Would Android-powered Google watches ever be able to connect to an iOS 8 device? And what progress will be made especially for its battery life?

Since only two of the three watches have been released, there are still plenty of questions left to be answered about its future, but the fact is – the Google Android wear has offloaded its competitors gaining a bigger market share.

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