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Wait And Watch For Better Smartwatch

While there are plenty of news around smartwatches, it might be better until the makers address the pain points

Wait And Watch For Better Smartwatch

While the smartwatches are ready to barge in, be it iWatch or Moto 360, consumers are talking about the pros and cons of owning one. Will it be a revolution in the world of communication or just cause that malaise in your workforce and at home.

About the Smartwatch Perception it better to think that it will usher in a new wave of computing, but the big question is, have the makers cracked the issue that crops up with the usage.  Eyes are definitely on the big names like Apple, Samsung and others, who are lining up with their own devices.

It's always easy to expect Apple to create the perfect smartwatch, considering that they get it right the very first time, like they did with iPad and iPhone. The company is a champion in making devices that not only looks and feels great, but also easy to use.

One thing is sure, if Apple diverts all its energy into the smartwatch, they're bound to have a winner on their hands. This might prove to be an advantage for Apple, because the present Android Wear platform is far from convincing and Android has always taken time evolve into a finished product.

After Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Motorola’s Moto 360 is expected to be the biggest challenger for iWatch. While there is no idea what the final products will look like, both Moto 360 and iWatch are expected to come out with features that extends beyond heart rate monitors.

On the other hand, if Apple has been thinking of positioning it as a premium brand, it has received a jolt with a survey revealing that very few were ready to shell out more than $350. This might put Apple under some pressure.

The smartwatch industry is still at a nascent stage, the customers might be skeptical and the smartwatches might be a long way from achieving perfection. So it’s better wait until they evolve and come up with better products.

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