Five Best Health Apps That Help You Keep Fit |

Five Best Health Apps That Help You Keep Fit

If you are thinking of kickstarting your fitness routine, here are the apps to motivate you.

Five Best Health Apps That Help You Keep Fit

There has been an increased awareness about health in the recent times. While the change in our lifestyles is one of the major culprits the arrival of smartphones is a boon in many ways.
For those who lack the motivation, there are apps across platforms that will motivate you to get out of bed and hit the tracks. Here are the top-5 health apps which you may find useful.


Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

When you take on the challenge of a new weight loss plan, it’s easy to get discouraged at first. But what if you could install a little personal motivator right onto your device? With My Fitness Pal, you’ll get just that.

iPhone, Android

A lot of us are skeptical about medication or the medicines that a doctor prescribes. The best place for reliable information and the ultimate guide to everything medication-related is app.

One can also personalize it and keep track of the medications that you are taking.


3) Instant Heart Rate Monitor

All it takes to convert your phone into a heart rate monitor is this app. While it's a bit fun, all you have to do is keep your finger on camera lens, it will display your pulse rate. This might appeal to fitness freaks. This isn't a joke. When we tested it under different conditions, the results were surprisingly good, though we still questioned its accuracy.

iPhone, Android, Windows;

4) The Walk-Game

The app isn’t going to turn you into a fitness star. It's meant for people on a more low-impact exercise routine. You will be unlocking new content, even if you never make a conscious effort to take a walk. It will track all of your movement - even walking to the bathroom and back will count toward your progress. Given the obesity epidemic we face, this might be a good thing.


5) Sleep Cycle

With the people suffering from insomnia this is the app that can help you. It monitors sleep pattern, tells you how long you are in deep sleep and how long in light sleep. It tells you how many hours you actually are asleep – which is a lot longer than many patients think, and it wakes you up in the lightest phase of sleep so you can start the day feeling relaxed and rested. 


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