How To: Use WhatsApp On Your Computer |

How To: Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

Here's a workaround to install the most popular smartphone messenger on your desktop.

How To: Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

WhatsApp needs no introduction. Popularising the group chat concept on mobile phones, this app has won over 300 million active users. Many people prefer it over SMS. For a simple reason that WhatsApp doesn't charge you per message. Apart from the messaging, WhatsApp can also be used for sending pictures, audio notes, and video clips. Available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Series 40 Java phones, WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular cross-platform messaging client. However, what if you want to run it on your desktop PC? Well, there's no official way of doing it. However, like every problem in this world, there's a workaround. So if you want to spam your WhatsApp contacts from PC, follow this tutorial.

1. Fire up a browser of your choice and go to Click on the big green 'Download App Player' button. 

2. Install it on your PC. An installation wizard will assist you in the process.

3. The app will take some time to load for the first time. Be patient.

4. Once the emulator is up and running, Go to Click on the Download WhatsApp button. You'll be asked to choose the mobile platform. Select Android.

5. A download link will pop-up. Save the .apk file on your computer.

6. Once the apk has been downloaded, BlueStack will automatically emulate and install it.

7. You'll now see WhatsApp in BlueStacks. Click on it to start. Accept terms & conditions and you're good to go. Wish you happy spamming.

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