5 Tools For New Year Resolution Junkies

Online tools that help you stick to your promises.

5 Tools For New Year Resolution Junkies

The New Year entails a fresh start and an age-old tradition of making resolutions that usually don't last. If you believe in science fiction and indeed think that the world will end in 2012, why not do things differently? How about actually sticking to your resolutions this time around? Here are a few tools to help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated as well.

Step 1: Warming Up
This is an important step if your resolution-making skills are a bit rusty. Even if you haven't decided your goals, the New Year's Resolution Generator will come to your rescue.{C} Once on the website, just hit the GIMME MORE button and collect all the resolutions that suit your taste. If you are good at making resolutions, you can even send in your contributions to the website.


5 Tools For New Year Resolution Junkies

Sharpen you resolution-making skills with the New Year's Resolution Generator.

Step 2: Getting Started
Once you have zeroed in on your choice, you need someone to watch your back. That's where the Start a Resolution website can help. All you need to do is input your resolution, reasons why you picked it, and your email address. Once this is done, the person who has signed up before you becomes your coach. The website allows you to chat with your coach, who's encouraged to issue reminders and motivate you to fulfil your resolutions. The chain continues by making you a coach for the member who has signed up after you.

5 Tools For New Year Resolution Junkies

Start a Resolution has a neat design and presents an interesting theme.

Step 3: Keeping At It
A resolution is a long-term commitment. You may be done with one, but that doesn't mean more challenges won't come your way. Accompl.sh is a website that prepares you for them. You start off by listing out what you plan to achieve in the next 365 days. The list is locked once you add at least 10 items to it. Once sealed, you cannot add or delete anything; however, you can keep track of your progress. The website allows you to tweet about finished tasks and share your accomplishments with friends.

If lists don't excite you, the website also has a Challenges section. Challenges are more fun because you get to achieve targets with the support of a group. You can join any challenge, or create your own. It is a nice way to actually get things done.

5 Tools For New Year Resolution Junkies

Challenges on Accompl.sh are a fun way to achieve your targets.


Step 4: Safeguarding Your Secrets
You wouldn't want to put everything you plan for the world to see, right? Instead of declaring your task list in public, you can opt for a password-protected online journal instead. Penzu.com offers an online version of a diary. You can even opt for military-level encryption with the paid version, if you are given to paranoia. The website also sends alerts to update your journal on a daily basis, which you can do simply by responding to the reminder email. The service lets you sync the journal to your Android device, iPhone, or iPad as well. You can add images, customise fonts, and even print entries.

5 Tools For New Year Resolution Junkies

Keep your secrets safe with Penzu.com

Step 5: Taking The App Route
If you are a tablet or smartphone user, there are plenty of apps meant for New Year's resolutions. Websites such as RememberTheMilk.com enable you to create and maintain lists online, as well as through your Android, iOS, or BlackBerry devices. The service syncs with Google Calendar and MS Outlook, while Twitter users can add tasks online as well. The app lets you create voice-based reminders on your iPhone using Siri. Apps such as UM Diary for Android allow password-protected journal entries in a chronological manner. Pictures and videos can also be added to entries.

As the first month of the year comes to an end, these tools will empower you to stick to your resolutions. Good luck for the rest of the year!

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