Nokia Lumia 525 And 520 Covers Are Interchangeable |

Nokia Lumia 525 And 520 Covers Are Interchangeable

Do you like them glossy or matte?

Nokia Lumia 525 And 520 Covers Are Interchangeable

As mentioned in our review, the 525 is almost identical to its predecessor 520. While we liked its minimalistic design and compact form factor, the 525's glossy finish isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'm sure many users (including me) will prefer matte back-panels not only because they look good, but also because they offer better grip. Now what if you could swap the 520's cover with your new 525? Well, we tried it, and it works. Changing panels is straightforward, so don't expect us to write a tutorial on it. Plus, all the buttons work just fine after the cover swapping.

Left - Lumia 525 Orange, Right - Lumia 520 Cyan.

The Lumia 520 and 525 with covers off.

Lumia 520's matte cyan back-panel snapped on the 525.

It's somewhat disappointing that Nokia didn't come with a new design for the 520. At the same time, one can say that it was a clever move to retain the design and bring in variety to covers. Whether you own a Lumia 525 or 520, there are now plenty of colourful covers with matte and glossy finish to choose from.

Pro Tip:- Nokia Lumia is sold at wildly different rates for different colours. You can easily save money by buying the cheapest colour and then spending Rs 350 (approx) more for original Nokia back cover colour that you want.

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