How To Use The HTC One Max's Fingerprint Scanner

It's new, but is it any better than passwords and pattern locks.

How To Use The HTC One Max's Fingerprint Scanner

The One Max is HTC's biggest smartphone till date. Design wise, it is basically a oversized HTC One with some beefed-up specs. The device sports a 5.9" display with Full HD resolution and retains the One's aluminium body and look. However, the One Max's claim to fame is its fingerprint scanner. Personally, I find it a waste of money and resources. It also reminds me of eery dystopian setting from the movie Gattaca. However, if you like the idea of unlocking your One Max with a finger scan, here's a quick tutorial on how to do it.

1. Go to Settings, then click on 'Fingerprint Scan'. The scanner is located at the back of the One Max. So once you're ready, hit 'Continue'..


2. Tab the finger you want to use for 'Unlock' function. Repeat it twice to confirm. If all goes well, you'll be greeted by this message "Fingerprint recorded successfully".

3. As a backup option, the phone also asks you to set-up a conventional password. In case, you lose your finger :)

Now, you're ready to impress your friends by unlocking your HTC One Max in a futuristic way. Press the Power button, and you'll be asked to swipe your finger on the phone's sensor. If you do it right and if the phone is not going through any mood swings, you'll be in.

If the luck is not on your side, you're guaranteed to run into a fingerprint recognition error. From my personal experience I can tell you that these errors are random. And trust me, I do not posses the skills to alter my fingers like Mystique from X-Men. So in its current form, the feature is a hit and miss affair. Thankfully, after a few failed attempts, the phone automatically reverts to the good old alpha-numeric password.

The fingerprint scanning technology is in its nascent stage on mobile phones. HTC will hopefully make this feature work properly with a software update. This technology isn't cheap, which is why the One Max costs a whopping Rs 52,000. As a consumer I'd rather pay a premium for useful features (better screen, performance, or camera) rather than a fancy finger scanning tech.

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