7 Thought Provoking Games For Children's Day

Here are some games that will need some intellectual skills more than just action quotient.

7 Thought Provoking Games For Children's Day

Games are often mistakenly thought of as merely things that kids play. This is true to a certain extent but when it comes down to video games played by generations born and brought up on Atari in 80’s, it goes beyond mere just silly fun and games. Video Games are more than just points and limbs flying off the screen, they have matured with the average age of the gamer. Games are now works of art, thought provoking, intelligent, belief challenging or highly philosophical; and if it's a particularly good game, all of the mentioned. Here’s a more than an intellectual look at games that will appeal to children of all ages, from 5 to 50 years.

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Many games include music that is immersive, but no game really lets its own pace and challenge be decided by music, and that too of your own choosing. With AudioSurf you literally “Ride your Music”. You choose the music you like, the game analyses it and makes a challenging race track of collecting colours/points depending on the musical complexity and tempo. It is truly “the best possible excuse to rediscover your CD/MP3 collection" (Scott Sharkey).

World of Goo
Available on PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Looking for something a bit more brainy, cute, emotionally strong, and which brings out that practical physics puzzle skills side in you? Look no further than World of Goo. In this game, you drag and drop living, squirming, talking, globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues. You have mysterious and beautifully designed levels with new species of Goo Balls with new abilities that ooze through reluctant tales of discovery, love, conspiracy, beauty, electric power, and the third dimension. Oh, and a Sign Painter who is always watching you!

Sim City
Available on PC, Mac
If cute little goo balls don’t interest you, maybe something grander would. How about building a city from scratch? SimCity is a city-building and urban planning simulation game that teaches players what it goes into building epic cities around the globe. SimCity has the uncanny way of making mundane things like zoning land, building, maintaining public services, transport, and utilities seem like fun. The 2013 iteration builds on previous SimCity 4 with a new engine and an always on internet connection to play with other players. SimCity is your perfect opportunity to build the city of your dreams.

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Not enough being just a mayor? How about a God? In Reus, you control powerful giants that help you shape the planet to your will. You can create mountains and oceans, forests, and more. Enrich your planet with plants, minerals, and animal life. There is only one thing on the planet that you do not control: mankind, with all their virtues and all their vices. You can shape their world, but not their will. Provide for them and they may thrive. Give them too much, and their greed may gain the upper hand.

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If it is an interesting adventure game that interests you with surreal art and deep thought, Machinarium may just be up your ally. Sounding like something out of the cartoon movie Robots, in Machinarium, you are a little robot who’s been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city and must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save your robot-girl friend. The graphics are beautifully hand drawn with many logical puzzles, adventure quests, brain teasers, and mini-games.

Trine 1 & 2
Available on PC, Mac
Want to play a game that is more action oriented yet doesn’t lose the interesting puzzle parts of it? Try Trine 1 and 2. In this fantasy action game, the player can create and use physics-based objects to beat hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. Set in a world of great castles and strange machinery, three heroes are bound to a mysterious device called the Trine in a quest to save the kingdom from evil. And the best part of all, you can team up with a buddy if you like to enjoy adventures together while feelingly swapping between characters at will.

Portal  1 & 2
Available on PC, Mac
From the makers of the legendary Half-Life series, comes nothing less of a legend itself, the game Portal, set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories. The game is designed to change the way you approach, manipulate, and surmise the possibilities in a given environment; similar to how Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun innovated new ways to leverage an object in any given situation. You must solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to manoeuvring objects, and at the same time uncover the mystery behind Aperture Science Laboratories itself. Do this and more with a buddy in Portal 2. And don’t forget, “the cake is a lie”.

That's it for now. If you think some other games deserve to be in this list, do let us know in the comments section. And wish you all a very Happy Children's Day. Never grow too old for gaming.


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