Apple iPhone 5C: The Nokia Lumia Connection |

Apple iPhone 5C: The Nokia Lumia Connection

"Designed in California", but inspired by Espoo?

Apple iPhone 5C: The Nokia Lumia Connection

As you already know, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S with a futuristic fingerprint identity sensor. Along with this flagship phone, the company also announced the long-speculated iPhone 5C. The C in its name was supposed to stand for “Cheap”. However, the dream of owning a budget iPhone faded to dust as Apple slapped a price tag of $549 (approx Rs 36,500) on its base-model. Pricing blunder aside, is the 5C a fresh take on smartphones?

Earlier this year, when Apple announced the iOS7, we pointed out some UI elements Apple borrowed from the Windows Phone platform. Since the iPhone 5C will run iOS 7 out-of-the-box, here's a comparison between the iOS 7 and Windows Phone 8 Platform.


This time around, the Cupertino-based company has drawn inspiration from Nokia (especially the Lumia 620) to build its sporty iPhone 5C. Now comparing a Rs 13,000 Lumia to a 36.5k iPhone is like comparing ‘Local Oranges’ to ‘Imported Apples’, but the pictures speak for themselves.

As seen in the above image, the iPhone 5C is clearly inspired by the Lumia 620. However, Apple claims that they wanted to infuse colours into iPhone 5. It wasn’t possible with metal, and the company wasn’t interested in “imitating the typical, fragile plastic phone”. So they came up with an outer shell of polycarbonate that feels solid. The company also says that it sidelined thousands of colours, before finalising green, white, cyan, red, and yellow. Somehow, the exact colours that Nokia has on their Lumia series, in addition to a couple more. Too much of a coincidence to digest, isn't it?

Here’s another image to refresh your memory, just in case you might have forgotten.

Another thing that Apple has been boasting a lot is the homescreen that matches the colour of the phone. Sounds familiar? Well, we've seen that on almost every Nokia Lumia phone. Also, let's not ignore the coloured ring brought in by the official cases, check out its thickness, look at the curves. Spot any difference there?

Apple didn't introduce a single design change with the iPhone 5S. It's understandable if the company doesn't want to play around with the iPhone's iconic design. In the iPhone 5C's case though, Apple had a great opportunity to flex its design muscle, but unfortunately it badly missed the trick, and ended up building an "iPhone Lumia" (or Clonia, as our editor Shri Shri Ameya prefers to call it). Are these similarities with the Lumia phones just a coincidence, or the world's most valuable tech company is actually losing its steam? What do you think? Let us know.

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