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10 Ways To Trim Down Your Facebook Friend List

A list of things that can drive your friend to hit the unfriend button.

10 Ways To Trim Down Your Facebook Friend List

There are few who don’t enjoy attention from their friends and loved ones, and you'll also notice that behaviour trickling into social networks such as Facebook. While there are instances of people washing dirty linen in public, there is nothing more annoying than having people doing it on your feed. Here is an anti-self-help list of things, which will help you save your face on Facebook.

Annoying DPs
While it is OK for teens to have kittens, dogs, monsters, dolls, even film stars as their display pictures (DP), this becomes increasingly annoying if you are looking to reconnect with old friends. And please, you may remember your friend, but don’t expect your friend to recognise you with pictures of your kids as your DP. Sure they look like you, but chances are your friend doesn’t recollect what you look like today. So chances of identifying you with your childhood can be difficult. That's what the cover photo option is for anyway.

Public Display of Affection (PDAs)
OK, so you are in a relationship, happily married, or have Einstein (or the cute ugly ducklings) for kids, you don’t need to wear your heart on your sleeve. Keep your uncomfortable pictures to yourself. Share your happiness with your friends but don’t make them puke.

Tagging Friends On Random Posts
When you go out partying or just have a quiet get together, a lot of pictures get clicked, and obviously shared online. Now the politest thing to do it put the picture up and send a PM to your friend, let him decide whether he'd like to be seen with you as far as his extended friend list is concerned. That said, please avoid using random pictures and posts as a public announcement, especially to wish them good mornings, or share festivities. The risk just grows enormously if there is alcohol involved.

Telling The World What You Feel, Or Where You Are
You may be sipping Irish coffee in a five-star hotel, or sipping adrak chai reading the latest Chetan Bhagat masterpiece. Good for you. Telling us what's in your mind once in a while is no sin. But telling all your friends your entire day's schedule and mood swings with check-ins is a bit too much. Seriously, no one wants to stalk you, and with this you aren't tempting anyone either. That said, if you maintain check-ins via Foursquare, you may be able to help your friends avoid bumping into you accidently. And, if you don’t want to explain what your cryptic posts mean, don’t put them up to start with.

Using Titles With Your Names
So you worked your ass off to be a doctor, lawyer, CA, CS, pilot or anything that earned you a title. Good for you, your close family and friends will be super proud of you. But that's not what Facebook is for. It gives you a detailed section to show of your credentials that will help you get hitched, or land you a job. But then again you don’t need to put that in your display name. If you want to make friends, being a snob won't take you too far!

Not Keeping A Check On Spam
You may not realise how Facebook uses the pictures you upload, or any information that you share on the service. That said, the service lets you control what goes on your timeline, and basically see it too. Keep an eye open for spam videos, you might miff your friend, if something weird is shared from your account.

Spreading Spam
While there is little you can do to control spam and viral videos that go automatically from your account, it is just plain wrong to spam people with unwanted crap. God, patriotism, cures for cancers, relief for flood victims, and justice for the wronged don't magically come to life with shares. If something appeals to your sensibilities, like it, but don’t share random things that forces others to create a chain of nothing. Let that phenomenon die with emails.

Sharing Posts From Original
OK, so you like a quote on your friends feed, and it is good enough for you to enlighten your own friends with the message. Then go on and share it via them. Don’t be a douche and head to the source to share that image. Giving credit where due is a good practice, someday it'll help you be a good leader too.

Being a Social Gaming Pro
You love your Farmville, Poker, Slingo, Candy Crush Saga, Crazy Taxi runs, but not everybody on your timeline needs to know how much you scored trying to escape from devilish monkeys, what you need to play further and how much free time you have, and basically you are jobless or have no life. Play your games, and make sure you take some time off to make a list of like-minded friends who can help you play. Else you are just making a fool of yourself.

Create Your Own Fan Page
… And then force people to like them! Being a celeb is a mix of talent, luck, and popularity, and these things you ideally shouldn’t beg for. So if you are not good enough to be recognised, don’t create a fan page for yourself. And worse don’t force your friends to like it when you see them in flesh; it's as bad as chain marketing, or selling cosmetics on the go.

That completes the list of don'ts. However, you may call it a list of do's if you are looking to rub people the wrong way, and trim your friend list or followers.

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