TechTree Blog: Best Of TechTree 2011 |

TechTree Blog: Best Of TechTree 2011

Looking back at the most popular articles of the year.

TechTree Blog: Best Of TechTree 2011

Once again, as the year comes to an end, we take a look at the various articles that caught the fancy of our readers. As always, people are crazy about mobile phones and it is not surprising that mobile phone buying guides were some of the most popular throughout the year.

Readers kept coming back for our guides to learn the simplest and the fastest ways to achieve different tasks online. This was evident by the popularity of these articles.

Features have always enjoyed well-deserved longevity as our readers keep on visiting them with thirst for more knowledge. These thought-provoking articles allow our writers to put forth their personal perspective about current happenings in the technological world, thus helping them connect better with the readers. Obviously, these are the articles with the most number of likes and comments as readers continue the debate beyond the article.

We tried to reason between the choice of the two major camps of mobile OSes starting with 11 Reasons Why I Prefer Android Over iPhone, which was quickly followed by the counter-argumentive 12 Reasons Why I Prefer iOS Over Android. Readers were clearly divided as they put forth their own points of views in the comments section below these stories. Here are some of the other notable features that made it to the top.

As always, TechTree's reviews are its core strength. It is here that the readers get a clear perspective about products and technologies and helps them make an informed buying decision. There were quite a few notable ones and as is expected, the list is almost exclusively populated by mobile phones. Here are the top four.

Meanwhile, our Diwali Special Buyer's Guides helped our readers decide what products to buy in the festive season.

We have left no stone unturned as we have attempted to cover all that has happened in the technological world through our news section. While one would have normally expected the launch of the iPhone and iPad to top the popularity charts, some surprising results were seen when we found out that the Spice Popkorn Projector M9000 launch left others trailing behind by miles. It is a little wonder that the common man viewed this as the ultimate convergence gadget, combining a mobile phone, television, and even a projector.

Reliance's launch of the 3G Tab was also very well-received because it sported a (then) seemingly low cost for an Android tablet bundled with 3G data plans. Some of the other news articles near the top of the charts were as below.

As we do every year, we pledge to continue to bring you the best online content from the world of technology in 2012. The TechTree team wishes you a very happy and prosperous New Year. May the scientific temper prevail in 2012 (and the world not come to an end)!

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