TechTree Blog: Montblanc Launches A "Very" Short Film Contest |

TechTree Blog: Montblanc Launches A "Very" Short Film Contest

A luxury watch and trip to Berlin up for grabs.

TechTree Blog: Montblanc Launches A "Very" Short Film Contest

Montblanc, known for its luxury watches and pens, has started an interesting contest called The beauty of a second. According to the company, it's a tribute to Nicolas Rieussec, who invented the chronograph in 1822. As the contest's name suggests, it requires you to submit a one-second video in order to participate. The prize? Well, it's your only chance to get a Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph, worth Rs 5,56,000, for free. What's more, winner will also be awarded a trip to Berlin.

Amateurs as well as professionals are allowed to enter this contest. While a good camera can increase your chances of winning, clips shot by any device are accepted as long as they have a 16:9 ratio. Once you're ready with your clip, head over to, create a free account, and submit the entry.

Those who don't want to upload a video can try their luck in the Playlist contest by compiling the clips submitted by others. A playlist can be 60 seconds long and is compiled using tools present in the website itself. The winner of this contest will also receive the same prizes. Every individual can submit up to 10 videos or 20 playlists, so get your camera rolling and creative juices flowing!

Just for fun, we have created a few videos of our own and uploaded them to YouTube as well for your viewing pleasure, since direct links to the video are not available on the contest website. You can do the same and publish your video links in the comments section. After a week, the best video will get a "special" prize from TechTree!

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