Fun Things To Buy Instead Of An iPhone 4S |

Fun Things To Buy Instead Of An iPhone 4S

What to do if you have Rs 50k to burn.

Fun Things To Buy Instead Of An iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 4S launched in India on 25th November at a mind-boggling price tag of Rs 51,000 for the 32 GB variant. Fifty grand is not a small amount by any standards. If you really want to blow up that kind of money, at least you can have fun while you are at it. Here are some suggestions - in fact, 14 of them.

Holiday For Two In Bangkok
Everyone should take out some time each year for a vacation. Thailand being one of the cheaper destinations, a 5D/4N package is available at Rs 21,000 per person including return airfare. Even after taking your significant other along, you'll still have some money left over for shopping. This should earn you major brownie points with your partner.

Purchase A Second-Hand Car
To paraphrase the annoying iPhone ad, if you don't have a car - well, you don't have a car. However, you can at least purchase a second-hand car (such as this one) for less then the price of an iPhone 4S.

Buy A Spare Kidney
If you don't plan to sell one of your kidneys to purchase an iPhone 4S, perhaps you should consider purchasing a spare one. Although it might cost more than Apple's device, it still has far better value for money!

Spend A Weekend In A Five-Star Hotel
Need to impress your girlfriend \ mistress \ wife? Even though the iPhone is a chick magnet, there are better options around. A classier alternative is to spend a weekend with your partner at a luxury hotel and let her experience the five-star treatment. And here's the best part - palang-tod fun guaranteed when the lights go out! There are many hotels to choose from, but you can't go wrong with the Taj Lands End in Mumbai. It has a sea-view room for Rs 14,500 a night. This leaves you with plenty of money left over to wine and dine at its restaurants.

Gamble It All Away In A Casino At Goa
Let us put it this way - it is highly unlikely that the iPhone will make you money. You might actually have a better chance at a casino table in India's gambling capital. Blackjack is my choice of game, since the house advantage is lower than other games, and you will have even better chances of winning if you are good at card counting.

Take A Skydiving Course
When you are on your death bed, you will certainly not remember the iPhone you purchased. Instead, you'll want to recall the defining moments in your life. Adventure sports are always fun, and skydiving is among the most memorable experiences you can have. For Rs 40,000 you can experience skydiving in India along with your better half and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Take Your Family For A Helicopter Joy Ride
Another great experience that ends with your loved ones smiling. A helicopter ride these days costs Rs 11,000 per person. For a family of four, it still works out cheaper than an iPhone. Reserve this one for special occasions, such as Pappu's graduation.

Buy A Bottle Of The Finest Whiskey
Available in select wine stores, a bottle of Johnnie Walker King George V blended scotch sells for Rs 63,000. Yes, it is costlier than the iPhone 4S. However, you will forget the price you paid for it once you are two pegs down.


Fun Things To Buy Instead Of An iPhone 4S

Make A Special Bonfire
Why does the world have to suffer this tripe? Buy 650 copies of Chetan Bhagat's book, burn them, and become a legend among men. Upload a video of the process to YouTube for posterity. The thanks and adulation you will receive will be much greater than any iPhone could get you.

Buy A Hobby-Grade R/C Car Or Helicopter
Remote-controlled miniature vehicles for enthusiasts are not cheap, and definitely not for everyone. However, they provide hours of endless fun for those who have the inclination. Case in point, this R/C helicopter on eBay for Rs 40,000 or this R/C car for Rs 45,000.

Sponsor An Amusement Park Trip For Underprivileged Kids
Good deeds are always welcome in this kalyug kaa zamaana. Instead of blinging around with your expensive phone, spare a thought for the less fortunate among us, who have not even seen love or compassion, let alone an iPhone. Cheer them up by sponsoring a trip to an amusement park, and rake in the real-life karma!

Buy 20,000 Fusen Bubblegums
Find me one single person in India over the age of 20 who has not enjoyed this Japanese brand of bubblegum. Quite popular in the 80s and 90s, Murukawa Fusen Bubble Gum still costs more than any other chewing gum in the market. Buy 20,000 of them, just because you can!

Fun Things To Buy Instead Of An iPhone 4S

Buy An Inflatable Raft For The Monsoons
Your iPhone is no match for the mighty Indian monsoons, which are known to bring entire cities to their knees. Fortunately, there exists a solution - purchase an inflatable raft and show Indra the rain god who's boss. The Intex Excursion inflatable raft comes at a cost of approximately Rs 25,000, inclusive of duty and shipping to India.

Fun Things To Buy Instead Of An iPhone 4S

Buy Kingfisher Airlines
Looks like the King of Good Times has fallen into bad days, and no one is willing to bail him out. Why don't you step in? At least you'll get to party with the calendar girls.

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